I use my gifts to help you find yours

Direct assistance to help you gain conscious access to your Soul.

I help seekers whose strong desire, goals, and daily actions make our world a more loving, peaceful place to live.

I open pathways for Soul growth and healing so you can use the insights and direction from your Soul through direct perception and awareness.


I encourage, empower and uplift you to gain inner clarity and centeredness in resolving life’s problems.

Help you to be aware of your part in your life’s journey.


Enhance your ability to let your Soul shine in the world.

Strengthen your sense of Oneness.


Brings you into resonance with the “Source” of all life by improving your ability to connect and listen to your Soul.

Strengthens your faith and the spiritual skills you have acquired along the way.

For more than thirty years I have been blessed to assist a diverse range of people from various spiritual paths.

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