An Essene Perspective of Ascension

Hello my fellow travelers and welcome to my blog. In this time of transformation a topic that’s on the minds of many seekers of higher consciousness is Ascension. What is Ascension? The dictionary defines ascension as “the act of rising to an important position or a higher level in the ranking of one’s career.” From a religious perspective Ascension is associated with the ascent of “Christ into heaven on the fortieth day after his resurrection.” Ascension from a mystical/spiritual perspective is about the inner journey of the levels of higher states of awareness that occur as we develop. The Essene perspective that I offer you I acquired as a result of a birthday gift given to me in 1994 called Flames Meditation and Healing with Marie Diamond. The teaching is from an ancient Jewish ascetic sect of the 2nd century BC—2nd century AD in Palestine  known as the Essenes. They are widely regarded as the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Ascension has so many spiritual view points, and my cognitive mind needed clarity. Learning this ancient Essene perspective, which was clear and succinct, enabled my cognitive mind to gain clarity and understanding. With this knowledge I was able to let go of the “how” and dive deeper into “Being” in my spiritual practice.

Understanding the Metaphor

An ancient teaching style used to help a person understand an important point is metaphor. In the Essene tradition climbing a mountain range was a metaphor used to describe the spiritual journey. Each mountain, its position and height is symbolic of a dimensional plane of existence. In esoteric cosmology, a plane other than the physical plane is conceived as a subtle state of consciousness that transcends the known physical universe. The metaphor they use within this tradition for the path that brings the seeker to the first of the seven mountains is referred to as the Path of Ignorance. The ignorance is our lack of awareness of our true spiritual nature. The path also represents our journey through the physical  body and the lower chakras—1st, 2nd and 3rd. The mountain tops represent our journey through the upper chakras and the process of climbing each mountain is referred to as The Path of Wisdom and Learning. At the etheric level there are “Two bridges” and “Five dimensions.” And So We Begin.

The process of climbing the mountain 

We’ve walked our path of ignorance through the physical body and the lower chakras, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and now we stand at the base of our first mountain in the 3rd dimension, our physical world. This mountain represents the opening of the heart chakra. At this stage we have worked through 60% of our physical illusions. The etheric bridge we’re traveling is the Crystal Bridge. In the metaphysical and Buddhist tradition it is known as the Antahkarana. The subtle body that we are engaging is our Higher Mental Body, which is said to be 3 to 4 feet above our head. As we continue our climb we arrive at the place where the snow covers the ground. This is the “slippery slope.”The slippery slope is a 1stMtnmetaphor to remind us to be cautious in our actions that may cause us to lose our balance and fall back into old patterns. As we traverse the slippery slope with deep awareness we come to the top. It is here that we experience our PEAK learning experience, or “Ah Ha!” which transforms our consciousness. When the Peak experience is finished we carefully begin our descent down the slippery slope. At that point we have entered into the process of transition from the old to the new. By the time we reach the valley we’re ready for a rest. During the rest phase we are in the assimilation, integration, purification and the death of ignorance phase. In this phase you are given opportunities to demonstrate your mastery of what you’ve learned. Before you scream “Oh No! Six more to go!” I’m here in the trenches with you to tell you as you acquire more knowledge your ability to manage the process increases. I want you to be aware that my choice of words to describe this process is intended to invoke strength and faith in your ability to do this. Why? Because you are committed to your Soul, your evolution and the transformation of planet Earth. That’s why we’re here.

Synopsis of the other 6 mountains

2ndMtnThe 2nd mountain represents the throat chakra opening. The etheric bridge we are traveling on has transitioned from crystal into a section of the Golden Bridge. We are still in the 3rd dimension preparing to move into the 4th dimension. The subtle spiritual body that we are said to engage is the Buddhic Body which has the qualities of the Buddha. At this stage we have worked through 60% of our emotional illusions and 75% of our physical illusions. The Buddhic Body facilitates the expansion of consciousness beyond separative individuality. This allows identity to break free of individuality so that identity can include others; such as family, friends, social groups, soul groups, and eventually humanity as a whole.



The 3rd  mountain represents the 3rd eye opening. We’ve moved  up the golden bridge into the 4th Dimension. The spiritual body that we are now working with is the Atmic Body. At this stage we have worked through 60% of our mental illusions, 90% of our emotional illusions and 100% of our physical illusions.




The 4th mountain represents the opening of the crown chakra, also called “The small enlightenment.” We’ve moved up the golden bridge into the 5th Dimension. The spiritual body that we are now working with is called the Monadic Body. At this stage we have worked through 75% of mental illusions, 90% of emotional illusions, 100% physical illusions.




The 5th mountain represents Ascension. Here the 3rd eye opens. We have moved into the 6th dimension on the golden bridge. However we now must deal with a subtler version of the 3rd mountain process (60% mental illusion, 75% emotional illusion and 90% physical illusion) and work through it. We are still engaged with the monadic body.




The 6th mountain represents Buddha-hood, also known as the Big Enlightenment. We are still in the 6th dimension on the golden bridge. At this level you would have worked through 75%  spiritual illusion, 90% mental illusion, 100% emotional illusion, and 100% physical illusion.


7th Essene Mtn


The final mountain #7, is known as Christhood. Here there is “No Body.” Yep, you read it right—“No Body.” It’s been said that this can occur during the time of leaving the body and ascending into pure light, consciousness, or whatever name you are comfortable with.


Here’s the big picture perspective of the process. Remember these are phases of consciousness that are engaged. Be aware they take time to be worked through in our body and mind. So in spite of the ego’s attempts at one up-man-ship, there is “no skipping and by-passing a level.” That’s the Divine rule and this is a Divine Process.


How To Apply This?

My goal was to provide you with another perspective of the popular spiritual topic about Ascension to enhance your understanding of the reality of the process by showing you how our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects fit into the plan. With this insight you have additional knowledge and information to empower you to be able to manage and work with your process for a smoother transformation.

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your spiritual journey. So, until next time, may the Light and Love of God embrace you and lift you to new heights.



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