A Healing Visit With George James

This healing session will enhance your ability to let your Soul shine into the world.

My mission: To help uplift mankind’s consciousness by teaching direct perception and awareness methods to connect people to their Soul directly for the answers to questions about their life. I take my mission seriously, but I also engage the work with a lightness of heart.

So what does George James do and how does it work? I’ve been helping people bring out their best for more than thirty years, by using my gifts of intuition and ability to work with energetic systems, as well as teaching methods of direct perception and awareness. Each session is unique to the needs of the person who comes to work with me. Being of service for more than thirty years I have worked with people from all walks of life, and from all around the world.

When we meet I will ask you: “How can I serve you?” This simple question sets the intention and tone for our working together. It also removes the ego from the process, and opens your heart to receive the healing energies. As I sit across from you I adjust your field by expanding the Universal Field to help raise your vibration and settle you down from mind chatter and stress. I will ask you for your experience, not because I need to know, but to help you take ownership of the process and keep you in the present moment. From here the next steps will vary depending upon your need or needs. A unique energetic opening is created that helps empower you to move through your blocks at the psychological and spiritual levels.

To learn about the effectiveness of my work read the reviews from people who have worked with me. To learn about my journey I invite you to purchase by book: Peeling the Onion: Poems of Spiritual Awakening.

If you’re ready to make a deep inner-change, to have a healing session that enhances your ability to let your Soul shine into the world, I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.


Contact George to schedule a session or phone: 703-281-0514

Soma Pi Healing

Soma Pi® is an effective hands-on healing technique that strengthens and aligns the body-mind-spirit connection. Soma Pi® is Greek for “body encircled by light.” It is an effective and proven method to promote rapid healing on the emotional and physical level, and takes approximately an hour to administer.

A Soma Pi® session is energetic, therefore to maintain the mind’s settled state, no verbal discussion, other than the minimum needed to help in the process is engaged in. The number of sessions depends on the nature of the issue, and is determined at the beginning of the session through the intuitive process.

Contact George or phone: 703-281-0514, to schedule a healing session.