Holy Comforter Centering Technique©

Holy Comforter

As the Spirit of the Holy Comforter is whole, so will you also be whole through the freedom of the spirit of the Holy Comforter.

“A picture is worth ten thousand words.” This phrase is attributed to advertising manager Fred Barnard in 1921 in Printer’s Ink, and, I agree. In June’s blog, “An Insight into the Power Of Forgiveness,” I used this 1993 drawing of me by Minnesota artist Milli Oden to express my 4th mountain ascension experience. While writing I realized the same image also foreshadowed another aspect of my evolution— the subject of this month’s blog.

My Goal
A question that finds its way into conversations with friends, clients and strangers is: “So what is it like when you receive your gifts?” After I stop chuckling, I reply “it’s like the weather, always different.” My goal in sharing my current process of unfolding is to help answer that question for the curious.

 A new door opens
On January 1, 2006 while making my east-west Vegetarian New Year’s Day dinner, “Mississippi Masala,” which consists of black eyed peas, collard greens and Indian paneer, I felt an intense wave of energy enfold me like a soft silk blanket. The energy lasted for about 2 minutes, and when it dissipated my appetite went with it.

I went into the living room and sat down on the couch to reflect on my experience. As I sat, I felt a silence and stillness blossoming inside, and sensed I should go to bed. As I lay down, and continued pondering the wave of experience, I began to feel a vibration at my naval—a sensation similar to anxiety. I then begin to wonder, “Why do I feel anxious? There’s no reason for it.” I somehow started to drift off to sleep only it felt like I was in an elevator going down through this vibration of anxiety, and once I descended beneath it I fell asleep. However in the morning, upon waking, I felt my elevator ride moving upward through the vibration of anxiety, and once I sat up and put my feet on the floor it stopped. This experience occurred daily for the rest on the month.

On Friday of that week I went out to have Indian dinner with my best friend. I’m a vegetarian, but for some reason he suggested I have a piece of his chicken. At first I said “NO!” He put a piece on my bread plate and I went to give it back, but somehow the fork found its way to my mouth. To my surprise, the chicken melted in my mouth as if it were a piece of butter.

In October of 2005 I had an Ayurvedic physician check my pulses to see how my body and mind were adapting to the energies that had come in. I made a follow up session for January 2006. My New Year’s surge of energy came the week I was to meet with the Ayurvedic physician for follow up. During my visit I told him about my New Year’s Day and chicken experience. He reached out wrapped his fingers around my wrist, closed his eyes and took my pulses. When he opened his eyes he said: “Your body needs this “animal protein” in order for you to balance this energy. Having a piece of chicken at least once a week would be fine. Inside I grumbled, but I agreed to follow his advice.

Receiving The Holy Comforter Gift

On June 30, 2006, the grace that was bestowed upon me on the first of January gave birth to a spiritual gift that enabled me to help others immediately activate their inner peace, any time and anywhere, as needed. It’s called “The Holy Comforter Centering,” and it presented itself during my morning meditation. I asked my Soul: “What is the Holy Comforter? My Soul’s response: “Beloved one, blessed are thou whom serves the Lord our God Fully. As you received the platinum flame of the Holy Comforter Centering Technique©— the hub, the center, you now deepen beyond space and time. I was given instructions on how to enliven its 2 sacred places within the body, along with a specific phrase that activates it at will. I was told the phrase that I was given to bring it into to action in the physical was a direct teaching of the power of the spoken word at the physical and mental level. It was also another empowerment for the individual who receives and uses it.

Having worked in medical research before going to college, I acquired a somewhat scientific approach to healing modalities; before I do something on someone else, I want to know how it feels in the body, and operates in daily life. So, I conducted my first practice session on myself. Upon receiving it I felt a quiet, yet profound sense of comfort spread throughout my body and mind. This feeling was gently present with me throughout the day, even when things were a bit skewed. I worked with it for a month before I asked a few carefully selected friends and clients to be my test subjects. After receiving their feedback I felt it was time to introduce it to others, which I’ve been doing for the past 10 years.

My Process
In the first two weeks of June, intuitively I knew that I needed to grow and expand in a new direction. As my mind wondered about the new step, my heart knew that my intuition has been my life’s anchor and guiding force. So with faith and trust I gracefully picked up the mantle and placed it around my neck and shoulders, lifted up my head and eyes to God and said: I’m ready, and willing. Thy will is done.”

After my morning meditation On June 20, 2016, I activated my intuition as usual, and asked the question, “How do I truly help others grow?” My Soul’s reply: The first gift you will present to help others in being stable during times of emotional/physical discord is the Holy Comforter Centering Technique©. My conscious mind said, “I’m already doing that.” Then the voice softly whispered: Teach others to spread the gift of the Holy Comforter Centering Technique©. And so my new step is now a work-in-progress.

While sharing my unfolding process with a friend, she suggested three questions that may help others understand my sharing of my gift. Her three simple and direct questions were: 1) Why me? 2) Why this? 3) Why now? So on July 9th I presented them to my Soul, and here’s what I received:

1) Why me? — You have been chosen to bring the Holy Comforter Centering Technique©  forward as a result of your strong desire to uplift and empower others, which you have been demonstrating in your actions over the years.

2) Why this? — To answer your inner prayers to:  a) Serve freely for God.
b) To empower others to serve God to bring inner peace to others.

3) Why now? — During times of emotional/physical discord, it will help them in being stable, and to feel their prayer to know God’s inner peace comes quickly to the fore when called upon.

In order to help me process the new direction I’m heading in, and to gain clarity in creating a syllabus for a training class, I felt the need to write about my experiences. My personal goal for writing was for clarity of the process to take the next steps to bring it into solid form and action. In doing so, the blog just blossomed, and the seeds for the syllabus and the structure have gently begun to reveal their form. I have a clearer inner focus to follow for now.

The Takeaway
The 3 questions for clarity: 1) Why me? 2) Why this? 3) Why now?

As you travel on your journey you will have your own unique blessings and opportunities, and, hopefully my sharing helps you have a smoother time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and feel free to share it with others you feel will benefit from it. I look forward to your next visit.

Blessings from the Light

George James


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