An Insight into The Power of Forgiveness

Have you ever said: “I will never, ever, forgive them for what they did to me no matter what?” Hello! And welcome to my blog about The Power of Forgiveness. Forgiveness is another important dynamic that has a powerful influence on our spiritual journey.

My Goals

To provide you another perspective that can help you deepen and understand the power of knowledge to enhance your ability to apply Forgiveness to people and situations you have encountered on your journey that your conscious or subconscious mind still clings to.

My answer to the opening question is, yes. In the fall of 1976 I took legal action against a school I was teaching at in Oregon for racism. It was a very a traumatic and difficult year of teaching. As a result of my stress, the unseen forces that watch over and guide me decided it was time for me to become an active participant on my spiritual journey. So after school on November 16th, 1977 in Vancouver Washington, my classroom teacher’s assistant taught me to meditate via Transcendental Meditation. By consciously taking that step, my spiritual journey became an active daily part of my life.

In last month’s blog, we explored ascension from the Essene view, which considers ascension from a mystical/spiritual perspective, in which our inner journey progresses through the levels of higher states of awareness that occur as we develop. In order to help you get a sense of what this “could” be like in real time and fit into the process of forgiveness, I feel it is necessary to share my 4th mountain experience that occurred on my 50th birthday in August of 1998, when this drawing of me by Minnesota artist Milli Oden in 1993 became a reality. The description is from my poetry book Peeling the Onion, Poems of Spiritual Awakening.

The Power of Forgiveness


On August 4, 1998
after morning meditation,
in honor of surviving
fifty years of hard life,
I bowed down
and gave thanks to God
for HIS Grace in my life.
Hit in my back
like a potato farmer piercing the earth with a hoe
by a bolt of lightening,
my heart chakra burst open
and my Soul stepped in.
Calm and peaceful inside
I knelt,
sobbing like a thunderstorm
wailing like a coyote at the moon
at my death
and my rebirth
into a golden Being of Light.

As you can see from my poem, the 4th mountain experience instantly changed my life from the inside out, forever. During my intense year of processing and readjusting, I had many dialogues with my Soul to gain my footing. One day I asked my Soul about all the pain and horrible experiences I had growing up. The answer I received was: Beloved, everything in life is meant to teach you, not harm you. Your task is to get the teaching so you can end the cycle and move forward in your evolution.  My Soul’s answer was shocking, to say the least, however, it caused an immediate shift in my inner focus and perspective on my life. The two immediate gifts that came from this shift were new “eyes,” or ways to view to my life’s journey, and new way to approach forgiveness. I also realized my: “I will never, ever, forgive them for what they did to me no matter what.” was a huge boulder on my path that needed to be removed in order to achieve my hearts strongest desire…to know God and Serve.

Ascensions Role and influence on The Power of Forgiveness

With my strong desire and commitment to know God and Serve it was time for me to go deeper into the inner clearing of my early life’s experience and pain and anger to find a new way to heal and forgive, so that I could move forward and achieve my desire.

To begin the process I asked myself—“Who is the person that I’m truly angry with the most?” My answer came in a flash: “Your Mother!” I’m not surprised by this, since I left home at 10 with a lot of anger and rage from our relationship and had no further contact for almost 50 years. My boulder was more like a Mountain with a thick base. Nevertheless, I proceed with the process of forgiveness for I have a goal that is calling me.

My Process

The first step I took was to “Put myself in her journey.” Why? You can never understand unless you walk a mile in their shoes. I took that walk by learning what her childhood was like being the eldest of 11 children, and the shocking things I learned about the abuse she experienced. What flashed into my mind was the psychological reminder: “A parent will parent the way the were.” According to the Bible, “And the sins of the ‘father’ shall be revisited upon the children.” With this knowledge of her suffering the words of Buddha flowed through my mind, reminding me that we all suffer by being on a journey. This reminder enlivened the compassion in my heart for her suffering. And through the eyes of compassion I was able to see her strength, accomplishments and kindness towards others as a gift from God. I also remembered a teaching from my Soul during past life sessions that I did with Chris Griscom, founder of the Light Institute, in the early 80’s: The soul that “loves” us the most agrees to takes on the hardest role to help us evolve, hoping we remember our agreement and not incur more karma.

My second step was to ask myself, “What did I learn from this journey?” There are many rich and deep lessons I’ve learned on my journey, however, the 3 most important lessons I’ve learned are:

  1. God has always in all ways been there with me.
  2. I’m always in all ways connected to God. 3)
  3. “God is Love.” I’m connected to God, which is my true nature, so I am “Love.”

My third step was to take all I’ve learned through the process and apply it in real time in this dimension to forgiveness. Since my intention was strong and clear, the opportunity was brought to me during a Skype session with my sister in Florida. At one point in the conversation I spontaneously asked my sister to ask my mother to come into the room to talk with me. During our conversation, I told her I had something I wanted to share with her about our relationship. I proceeded to tell her about my spiritual insights that I had gleamed about our relationship and then I expressed my gratitude for her taking on the difficult role, and that in doing so she helped me seek and keep my connection to God. I also congratulated her for having two children who are connected to God and seek to be of service to help others.

As I spoke I observed an etheric heavy burden lift from her shoulders and peace settle into her heart. In my heart I felt a deep appreciation for her overcoming her obstacles and the accomplishments she has achieved.

The Takeaway

If I’ve inspired you to want to take your evolution, healing, and forgiveness deeper, I invite you to engage the 3 steps to aide you:
1) To gain a perspective and understanding of another person’s journey:  “Put yourself in their journey and walk a mile in their shoes.” 
2) Ask yourself, “What did I learn from this journey?”
3) Apply what you’ve learned from your process in real time in this  dimension to forgiveness.


1) Forgiveness born from knowledge not only relives the one who receives it; it also opens the  door to the heart of the one who gives it. 

2) Remember,”As you give, so shall you receive.”

3) The soul that “loves” us the most agrees to takes on the hardest role to help us evolve, hoping we remember our agreement and not incur more karma.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please share it with your friends and others you feel will benefit from it. l look forward to seeing you next month.

George James
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