Insights and Tips to work with Change©

“Everything in the universe is subject to change and everything is on schedule!”

Hello! And welcome to my blog: Soulful Insights©

Have you noticed how the rate and pace of change has accelerated?

How do you deal with it? Do you work to understand the process and go with the flow? Or, do you feel overwhelmed by it and resist it?

The insights that I offer you in this blog came from a 1994 multifaceted interactive workshop I gave  for Enchanteur Products Inc. at their conference: “Adapting to Earth Transformations” in Orlando, FL”. My workshop title: Change is Life, Life is Change.

Defining Change
Let’s begin our insight into gaining an understanding of change with a spiritual perspective. Applying my conscious intuitive skill, I asked my Soul: “What is change?” What I received, along with instructions on how to write it, was:

C=Choice to






Decoding the wisdom
My Soul was short, and to the point. However, embedded within this short, simple, and humorous reply, is wisdom to empower you to understand and work with change.

C=Choice to indicates on some level you’ve agreed to the process.

H=Have indicates you are qualified to participate in it.

 A=Another is letting you know that you’ve had it before.

N= Natural means it’s ‘not artificial to you.

G=Growth is its purpose.

E= Experience, means it’s an event that leaves an impression  on you when it’s over.

In summary: “Change is a natural process of life that is transitory, occurs in cycles, will leave an impression, and you’ve already agreed to.”

So what’s the purpose of change?
Dr. Angeles Arrien, a well known Jungian analyst, in her book: The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Visual Symbols, proposed that the word change has inherent within it three opportunities:

  1.    To bring back into balance what is out of balance.
  2.    To break patterns that restrict us.
  3.   Opportunity to grow and become even more of  who we are.

How change works
Change is complex. Understanding its complexity is a step toward working with it. Here are some attributes that will help you get a handle on change. The chart below is a summary of its qualities, its flow, process and dynamics, and how it manifests itself in our life.

The Attributes of Change
The start and stop qualities of change contains the following attributes:

Type of Change Type of Flow Results
Predictable Continuous Growth/Decay
Predictable Discontinuous Crisis/Shift
Type of Change Type of Flow Results
Unpredictable Continuous Shocks/Surprises
Unpredictable Discontinuous Catastrophe
Force of Change Pace of Change
Gentle Fast
Vigorous — Strong Slow

Tips to working with change

To apply this information to your life, take an event and use this chart to identify the attributes you’ve experienced. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Was I expecting this experience or did it blindside me?
  • Did the experience happen all the time or did it happen in chunks with starts and stops?
  • Was I able to maintain my center, or did it throw me off center?
  • Did it happen quickly, or was it slow and gradual?

Ways to grow from Change
In order to grow from your change experience, you basically have three options:

  • Permanent Change — This requires work to transform the behavior and thinking patterns at your core.
  • Adaptive Change — You make a change to survive and when the stimulus is removed or the pressure is off, you go back to your old behavior and thinking patterns. Unfortunately this action invites the lesson to return with more intensity each time until you get it right. Do you really want this?
  • Stasis —You ignore it and do nothing and continue suffering.

Where there is a problem there is always a solution or solutions. To support you in your process I offer these solutions for your consideration. Choose the one that resonates with you and fits into your lifestyle:

  • Traditional Counseling
  • Alternative Counseling
  • Holistic Approach: Changing Inner Dialogue Procedure©.

If solutions 1 or 2 appeals to you, then seek out a counselor.

If solution 3, the holistic approach, appeals to you feel free to contact me to learn more.

Inspiration to remember
Whenever you take an event from your life and analyze it to find these attributes you are empowering yourself to work with change, instead of fighting it. After all, we came here to grow and evolve. I leave you with these 6 thoughts about change:

1) It’s Constant. Can’t avoid it.

2) It’s a natural process of life that occurs in cycles

3) The path is rarely straight, the flow changes.

4) You must negotiate turns, curves, and crossroads.

5) It’s an opportunity to Grow.

6) It’s a CONSCIOUS decision: “A choice you chose to have.”

Thank you for visiting my blog and giving me the opportunity to contribute to your journey. See you next month.

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