Let’s Keep Our Focus On Oneness

All change begins with discontent.
Discontent begins in the Mind.

A New Door Opens
Hello. Welcome to my blog.
I was in a deep sleep at 3:00 a.m. when the election result wave struck me with a heavy feeling at my navel. My eyes popped open, I stared into the darkness, which quickly became illuminated as my iPhone displayed, “Donald Trump elected president.” I sighed and softly said: “Okay God, Game on!” and went back to sleep.

I awoke at 5:00 a.m. and began my spiritual practices. Just as I completed them, and while preparing my breakfast, I received my first distress phone call from Europe. It was a longtime friend in tears, expressing her feelings of loss and fear for her wellbeing as a woman, due to the result of our election. Throughout the day I received many phone calls from people in the U.S. and other countries, expressing their grave concern about the potential loss of progress that we have made over the past 60 years, along with the last eight years of solid, stable and balanced leadership. What can we do? is the big question circulating around the world.

Our election not only unleashed a shockwave of fear and uncertainty, it also increased ethnic tension at the global level. To my mind, the phone calls were a demonstration of our oneness. With all this grief and fear circulating, I felt compelled to give a perspective that will help bring a sense of balance and peace. I immediately went to my desk with the intention to write a blog that would be uplifting, and bring calm to the mind and body. As I sat at my desk, various concerns, thoughts, and ideas began to flow in my mind. However, my Soul suggested that I wait, observe, and reflect on this “lesson.” As I sat quietly, words of comfort softly flowed into my awareness:
Keep thine eye single.
See the big picture.
Find the teaching.
Deepen your prayers and focus.
The next group of thoughts were:
Knowledge conquers ignorance and dissolves fear.
Ego creates expectations that are unfulfilled, which gives rise to disappointment, which brings forth feelings of emotional pain and sorrow.

Reliance and trust in one’s Soul contact, along with trust in God and the divine plan, will help to still the waves of fear and doubt that sets the mind on fire.
I said thank you, got up from my desk and began the task of waiting and observing.

My Purpose
My purpose is to offer you encouragement and support to help you hold and maintain your center, so that you can stay focused as you move forward into Light, Love, Peace and Oneness. I know our teachers have strived to prepare us for this phase of Earth’s growth into higher consciousness. As we move through our earthly journey, we must keep our mind focused and steady with the truth; we’re never alone no matter how the media stirs our emotions, and no matter how our lower mind moves us from our center.

My Goal
To share perspectives that will encourage and help you to: 1) Strengthen your sense of Oneness, and 2) Strengthen your faith in the spiritual skills you have acquired on your journey.

Our Teaching
I began this blog with the phrase: All change begins with discontent.
Discontent begins in the Mind.
But why must we have upset in order to grow?
Why do we have to have pain?
Why can’t transition be smooth and pain free?
World-renowned psychologist Carl Gustav Jung said:
carl-jung“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” This can best be accomplished with light.  –C.G. Jung

In March and June, I shared blog posts that would help you to focus on the bigger picture. The March blog was on change. June’s blog was on the process of consciousness unfolding. I encourage you to revisit these posts with the intention to refine your ability to focus on the bigger spiritual view, and to remain strong and centered. Remember we came here to evolve not dissolve.

March 2016 Blog post about change:

June 2016 blog post “The Essene perspective – Steps and process of consciousness as we evolve on the spiritual journey.” I wrote this to help you expand your spiritual perspective on how consciousness evolves.

An Essene Perspective of Ascension

The wise elders who came before us remind us that if we consistently work with the light available within us, we will meet our Soul, for it is reaching out to us. Here are three spiritual facts that anchor me on my journey. I share them with you so that when you feel like stopping, they can help you keep moving onward and upward on your journey.
Fact 1: No matter where we are on our journey, we are all equal in the eyes of God.
Fact 2: We came into life to grow and evolve. All that we encounter along the way is there to “teach us.”
Fact 3: As humans we have strengths and weaknesses, highs and lows — we make it through them and keep moving forward.

Since we are all equal in the eyes of God, I’m going to share my recent down-in-the-trenches experience. As you read this keep in mind this spiritual statement. “If one can do it, two can do it. If two can do it many can do it.” Remember God is an equal opportunity teacher.

Although I work hard to maintain steadiness in life, I too fall down. On January 31st one of my “fall down” moments came as I was waking up at 5:00 a.m. to start my spiritual practices. As I lay there in my bed looking up at the sky I said to God, “You know I had a rough childhood and made it through because of you. I’m a senior now – given the upheaval we’re in, I really don’t want to have to experience a difficult ending. Thank you for listening.” I got up and prepared myself for meditation. As I sat in front of my altar for meditation, a deep sadness welled up and tears began to flow from my closed eyes. Out in the room, on my left side, I heard a soft, high-pitched tone and felt its swirling sensation. This soft gently swirling tone slowly began to enter my ear. As it flowed in I began to be filled with peace and calm that radiated deeply from my core. As my tears started to subside a very soft gentle voice from deep within, lovingly whispered: I have promised you a happy life and it is so. Like butter on hot toast all my concerns dissolved, my meditation expanded, and deepened. I share this experience to remind you we have the same God that cares and provides for all of us, a fact we must accept and embody on our journey.

Let’s keep our focus on Oneness
During America’s civil war President Abraham Lincoln reminded the people of oneness with the statement: “A house divided amongst itself cannot stand.” His reminder is as important to us now as it was then. Spiritual principles from all paths tell us We are all One. Unfortunately people only see the external world, and judge that. Oneness is a result of looking beyond the external world, and beyond illusion, to looking within and seeing the source that unites us all.

Possible Solutions
Solution 1: In the 21st century science has provided us with a new way to explore and recognize our oneness through DNA. DNA science is expanding and I’m looking forward to when they can identify “junk DNA”. After all in God’s creation there is no such thing as “Junk DNA”, it’s only the limited mindset of science that says it has to be “human” DNA.

About 5 years ago, I took the DNA test, and the results expanded my knowledge of my biological lineage way beyond what I had been told as a child. Boy was I surprised at the richness of our mixture. We really are one in spite of our limited perspectives on how we define race.

Below is a video link: Biased strangers taking a DNA test – the results show why we should not judge others by their looks. Enjoy.


Solution 2: Another essential component involved in the process of achieving oneness is an open heart. An open heart is a heart that allows love to flow freely to creation. Science has done research on the human electromagnetic field. The research has shown that “ The heart has an electromagnetic field that is 60 times larger than the electromagnetic field of the brain. When you feel love and appreciation in your heart, your heartbeat stabilizes and this energy enlivens and heals your entire body.” Think about this, with an open heart and mind functioning as one – we have the ability to achieve oneness and peace on the planet.

To encourage you to take an action to open your heart wider I offer these video links (below) that show how people have taken action to promote Oneness and Love over hate, in response to the increased ethnic tension since our election:




To my readers who are graduates of The Integrated Awareness Technique© and Perceptive Awareness Technique™ I encourage you to consistently apply your conscious Soul connection everyday for guidance on how to be of service and work through this transformation. To my readers who have other methods of conscious access to their Soul, I encourage you to do the same. If you’re just starting out, or in need of a helping hand to get started, I’m here to be of service – so send me an email at:

So until we meet again I leave you with two sayings to think about.
A peaceful person makes a peaceful family. A peaceful family makes a peaceful community. A peaceful community makes a peaceful state. A peaceful state makes a peaceful country. A peaceful country makes a peaceful world. Let there be peace and let it begin with me.
To see God you must bow your head and look into your heart, for that is were God lives.
Thank you for visiting my blog and giving me the opportunity to contribute to your journey. See you next month.

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