Life’s Primary Teaching Tool

On August 8th rather than move around in the 95 degree heat of Washington D.C. I decided to  sit at my desk with the intention to complete the next to the last chapters in my new book that I’ve been working on; Inside the Mind Outside The Box. As I was reviewing my rough draft when I came to Chapter 6 on Relationship Journey my eyes went into a deep focus on the dialog I had with my Soul on August 8, 1998 about relationships. As I sat in the stillness my Soul softly suggested I share this reminder, for it can bring perspective to those who have or had a difficult experience and thus question their value. We’ve all been down that road at some point on our journey.
As I was in the process of ending my 15 year relationship, one morning after mediation I asked my Soul, in a not so calm or polite manner: As I ranted and raved about how crazy and messed up relationships are, my Soul said:

“Beloved, contrary to human programming, relationships are about balance of opposites in both heart and mind. This the challenge of challenges that will always, in all ways, keep you on your toes.”
Relationships! Can’t learn without them, and you cant’ live without them.

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