As a poet, I express my life’s journey through the symbolic language of my soul. In my first book, Peeling the Onion: Poems of Spiritual Awakening, my poems reveal the fivefold dynamic of the spiritual journey. My second poetry book, Copperhead: Tantric Lessons on Love, won the Blue Light Press 2010 Chap book contest. The poems in this book are offerings of healing for the dance of sexuality and spirituality, a dance of light and shadow that has troubled seekers for eons. These poems were written in an effort to enhance a seeker on the journey of spiritual transformation to find peace and balance.

I hope you enjoy this sample of my poetry reading.

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Ask the Author

Do you have a question about a poem from Peeling The Onion? Did a poem from Peeling The Onion open you to a new insight about your journey that you’d like to share with me? I invite you to send it to me. I will make an effort to reply to you as my schedule permits.