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HELLO! And welcome to my blog: Soulful Insights©.
Being an astute seeker, I know you have explored the information on my website before coming to my blog page, so  we can dive right to the bottom line. But before we go into the blog, I’m going to share with you: 1) My inspiration to write. 2) My purpose. 3) My Goal.

For years I have shared my in the trench experiences with friends, clients, and students, to help them on their journey, to get a perspective of their own journey. But it was when my Soul inspired me by asking this question: “You have experienced that what you say can be beneficial to your fellow seeker, so why are you allowing the ego to block you from sharing with others?” Bottom line: I don’t consider myself a writer, truthfully… I was afraid. The only way to get through False Evidence Appearing Real is

  1. Acknowledge it
  2. Trust the Soul
  3. Do it anyway

What’s my purpose?
To offer you spiritual insights so you can get a different perspective of the multifaceted quality of the Spiritual Journey, that can be of help to you when you have those “What!” moments that take your breath away, knocks you on your butt, or shatters your glass ceiling.

What’s my goal?
To share my perspective of the spiritual journey with you from being in the trenches, that will aide you, comfort you, and, hopefully, inspire you, when you want to just stop and drop, to get up and keep on keeping on.

Seek and Ye shall Find: An Intuitive’s Understanding
“Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be open. Ask and it shall be given unto you.” A timeless  biblical phrase containing secret knowledge that every seeker has heard and followed, yet not fully unfolded to the seeker. 

There are questions: What is a “Seeker”? You and I know that a “seeker” is a person who is attempting to find or obtain something. Okay. But whose in charge of the process? That question appears to go unanswered. For me I wanted to know so I activated my “conscious intuitive process, and engaged in a conversation with my Soul, the ultimate teacher.

I asked my Soul, “What is the true meaning of the phrase: “Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be open. Ask and it shall be given unto you.” My Soul began our conversation by asking a question: “Who is doing the seeking?” I am. What are you seeking? Clarity and Understanding. As you travel on the journey you will come to a door. What will you do? Knock. When your knock is acknowledged what will you do? I will present a question to the one who answers the door. Then what will you do? Wait for the answer. What will you do with the reply? I was silent. Then my Soul said: “You are responsible for the seeking, thus you must have a focus on a specific question you want an answer to, thus you are the initiator of the process, hence you are in charge.

When you get to the door you take an action, that is turning your hand into a fist and rapping it against the door. Thus you are the initiator of the action. When that which seeks to your inquiry what will you do? Ask a question. Yes, however, your question must be clear and precise for you will be responded to accordingly. As a seeker you must know the universal law… If you speak in generalities and are nebulous, you will receive generalities and nebulous answers, for the universal law is—you can only be given what you ask. In everyday terms, if your vague and unclear, your answer will be vague and unclear. For example if you wanted to date someone and talked around it, they’d never know your intention. Whereas if you came right out and said: “Would you like to go on a date with me.” They are most likely to to give you a definitive answer.

You’ve received an answer now what? You are responsible for “Listening” to the answer and understanding it and it’s nuances. But you are also responsible for taking action on what has been given to further your growth. So in essence you, the seeker, are the one in charge and responsible for the process, from seeking to fulfillment.

What this means in every day life? “You make your evolution happen.”

I leave you with this thought:
What do you take responsibility for?
What do you not take responsibility for?
After all you are the boss.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope to see you next month.
George James

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