Media Experience

1993 – Interview with George James, The Art of Living Foundation with Scott Peck,
WRC980 Radio Show in Silver Spring, Maryland

1997 – Interview with George James, The Art of Living Foundation, W101.9 Lite, New York City

2000 – Interview with George James, The Perceptive Awareness Technique®, BlackHandz Entertainment Television, in Washington D.C.

2003 – Interview with George James, Alternative Medicine in America, or My Project Sat Down Right Next to Me, by Kevin Kilroy of William and Mary College in Virginia.

2008 – Opening poet for the 10th annual Harlem Book Fair, at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Harlem, NY

2011 – Interview with George James, Integrating Alternative Healing with Western Medicine with Dr. Veronica Anderson, MD, Radio Show Wellness for the Real World

2011 – Interview with George James, Ayurveda: Ancient Path to Wellness and Weight Loss, Dr. Veronica Anderson, MD, Radio Show Wellness for the Real World

2011 – Interview with George James, Six Steps to the Ultimate Relationship,
Dr. Veronica Anderson, MD, Radio Show Wellness for the Real World

2011 – Interview with George James, Energy Medicine: Healing without Drugs or Surgery, Dr. Veronica Anderson, MD, Radio Show Wellness for the Real World

2013 – Interview with George James: How George James used his intuition to
quit working so he could focus on his gifts: Jeff Steinmann, How To Quit Working Show

4) December 2nd, 2014 – Discussion Healing and Soma Pi

3) August 29th, 2014 – Discussion the Journey of the Soul

2) September 30, 2013 – Discussion Meditation

1) July 5th, 2013 – We talked about intuition and P.A.T. It was the first episode with me:

March, 2015 Get Bold Today Inter with George James, Topic: Perceptive Awareness Technique ® for Intuition, with LeGrande Green

March 2015 – Get Bold Today, Inter with George James, Topic: Six Steps to the ultimate relationship, with LeGrande Green




George James, “Peeling the Onion: Poems of Spiritual Awakening,” First World Publishing, 2008

George James, “Copperhead: Tantric Lessons on Love,” Blue Light Press, and 2010 Blue Light Press Chapbook Poetry Winner.


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Rock Steady in Times of Turmoil – 236kb – pdf
Six Steps to the Ultimate Relationship – 223kb pdf
Accessing Intuition in Real Time – 198kb pdf


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Workshops Created and Presented:

The Physiology, Psychology, Physics and Metaphysics of the Chakras

This unique, holistic interactive workshop used guided visualization exercise and sound to explore, and enhance the participant’s ability to utilize the knowledge and understanding of the chakra system to help empower them as they took strides forward on their sacred quest. The information presented covered: 1) The basic fundamentals, the location of the chakras, and their role and function. 2) The complex, multi-dynamic interaction based on the physiology, psychology, physic, and metaphysical points of view.

Workshop for Enchanteur Products, Inc. – 1992 conference “Great Healing Direction” in Oakbrook, IL.

Life is Change. Change is Life

This interactive workshop was designed for those who sought to gain mastery of the
change process, by expanding their thinking from lateral to holographic to further assist their growth in the 90’s. The lecture aspect of the workshop explored the flow and dynamics of change, along with its corresponding manifest attributes. The experiential aspect of the workshop provided experience of body-mind readiness for change, then switched on and stimulated the other non-dominate modalities of thinking to enhance the participants’ ability to consciously draw on the Creative Mind, to create new thinking and behavior patterns to challenging opportunities presented for growth.

Workshop for Enchanteur Products, Inc. – 1994 conference “Adapting to Earth Transformations” in Orlando, FL

Stress Management: How to Keep Your Cool in the Hot Spots

This interactive workshop was presented to personnel from the field of Law
Enforcement. They were given an overview of stress management from a perspective
using the Art of Living Foundation’s Healing Breath Technique. George James presented this workshop for the Maryland Hot Spots 1999 conference in Columbia, MD.

Alternative Therapies Workshop: Healing Body, Mind and Spirit – Within Ourselves and Our Organizations

This interactive workshop gave professional dispute resolution personnel an overview of stress management from an energy perspective. They were presented with the following:

1) An overview of how holistic personal stress management could be beneficial to
the dispute resolution professional.

2) “New” ideas of how to manage their own personal stress in the workplace, that
generated optimal health in themselves as they served others and achieve mediation
inside and out.

3) Helped them, through guided meditation, to connect to the spiritual implication
of their work. I presented this workshop for The Society for Professionals in Dispute Resolution for their 1999 conference “Before the Millennium: Learn from the past and looking to the future” in Baltimore, MD.



Spiritual Anatomy, Physiology, and Psychology 101

The goal of this unique informative lecture for physicians and medical students was to
help shift their paradigm and expand their understanding of their role as a healer in this new century. This lecture, a combination of modern science and metaphysical science, presented a broad overview of insights and information of ancient healing techniques from four points of view: physiological, psychological, physics and metaphysical, of the subtle and spiritual dynamics of the human body’s functioning as it relates to energetic healing. The knowledge and perspective for this unique lecture was based on my 20 years of professional experience as a multicultural, international facilitator of spiritual healing and personal growth. Ritam Personal Growth Services, Inc. presented this lecture at the University of Maryland’s Medical School’s Integrative Medicine Center for Healing at Kernan Hospital, in March of 2003.


Counseling and Healing

Counseling and Healing Sessions facilitated by my unique gift as a “Radiatory Healer” and intuition. (A “Radiatory Healer,” according to Alice Bailey’s definition, is “One who is capable of effecting change in another individual without the primary method being the “laying on of hands.”). As a result I am able to provide access to a powerful electromagnetic energy source that will empower and enhance your ability to release inner blocks that impede your personal growth and physical healing. The sessions are effective in releasing your blocks at the physical, psychological and spiritual level. Each session is designed to enhance your body-mind-Spirit connection by providing you with a “unique energetic space” to experience a deep a psychological and spiritual healing.

Finding My Inner Wisdom™

Personal coaching sessions guide you through the difficult times. These individualized sessions are intended to help you gain inner clarity and centeredness which allows you to resolve your problems and move forward in your life.