Flames Meditation Healing

Flames Meditation Healing is a prayer technique based on 24 flames, or specific frequencies of Activated Divine Light, designed to help you gain mastery with the Psycho-Spiritual aspect of your being, to accelerate your spiritual growth and achieve success in your everyday life.

This is a two-class process, each class is approximately 3 hours with an integration break between classes.

What you will learn:

Through simple step-by-step instruction and practice you:
1. Learn a technique that clears and cleanses the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. These bodies are sometimes referred to as the “personality” or “ego”.
2. Learn to connect the 3 subtle bodies at will so that you gain a stronger and deeper connection to your Soul.
3. Learn to connect the 3 levels beyond the HMB-Soul: the Buddhic, Atmic and Monadic levels.
4. Have 12 Divine qualities activated in the form of Flames that enhance and accelerate your spiritual growth.
5. Learn and practice how to enhance and strengthen your ability to radiate from these levels, so you can connect with more people and reach farther distances to help uplift the consciousness of the world.

1. You gain mastery over your personality.
2. These activated frequencies help your DNA structure change to a higher vibration.
3. By using the flames daily you accelerate your soul growth by accessing higher aspects of Its Being as you embody your higher self in your physical body.

4. By using these Flames regularly people have felt more peacefulness grow into their lives. They appear more radiantly beautiful. The power and effectiveness of their prayers increased, and they become clear and empowered to do their essential life work.

Cost: $150 per person. Class offered by request.